Cake 110 – The Jelly Belly Cake Of Love

Cake 110 – The Jelly Belly Cake Of Love

IMG_5961When I posted the upcoming birthdays for the children living at Epworth Children’s Home, we received a donation for a cake from a kind woman that we have never met before. She had stumbled upon our blog and wanted to help a child celebrate his or her birthday. There is something to be said about people who choose to help other people; to think of this woman who happened to see our blog, read it, liked something she saw, went to another website and gave of her own money to a family she has never met. All of this to help someone that she doesn’t know, to help someone else that she doesn’t know. That’s love! And we are so blessed to witness such giving over and over again.

We had had other donations for birthday cakes this month, but when I saw this donation, I felt we should bake for her on April 7th, today. She responded to say that her daughter is turning two on the same day that the girl we baked for is turning 17, this very day. How neat is that!!

When thinking of what kind of cake to make, I saw this cake in my newsfeed on Facebook. It is a cake created by Glorious Treats. I immediately wanted to make it! I thought it a perfect cake to make that both a 17 year old and a 2 year old can enjoy.


I got really excited, because not only did I get to bake this pretty cake, but I got to go shopping at The Peanut Man to get the jelly Belly’s for this cake!! I adore The Peanut Man. The children and I went to The Peanut Man and bought too many delicious Jelly Belly’s. We went home, I cut them up, and then we made a lot of flowers! Anne made one of the pink flowers that is on the cake, and Isabella made one of the blue flowers. Vincenzo just ate them and tried to feed them to the dogs. And Rob helped by keeping Vincenzo from eating too many and by keeping him from feeding them to the dog:)


This cake is an 8 inch, two layer chocolate cake, decorated with American buttercream, and Jelly Belly flowers.IMG_5962

Thanks to a girl turning 17 years old today, the love of a stranger, and to those who share our story so that people can stumble upon our blog … we are One Cake Closer.

One Cake Closer is our family’s fundraiser to raise the funds needed to adopt a child. We currently are baking cakes for the children living at Epworth Children’s Home. We have all the donations we need for April’s cakes, but if you are interested, check out our blog for more information on our Epworth Birthday Cakes. You can also check out our Crowd Funding page where we have a video of our family, explaining our fundraiser. And we are on Facebook.

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